It all started when...

I was 18 years old, I had sold $10,000 of my own artwork in just under a year. Soon after, I would come to find out that Google had featured one of my paintings when you simply search for the term "art". You can see that here. 

At 19, I helped found a jewelry start-up that became a six-figure operation within six months. I worked as the photographer and managed the operations. I have launched multiple ventures since then.

On the side, I build websites, automate stuff for small businesses. All while working on building my brand as a photographer, videographer, and as a fine artist.

Recently, I've focused my efforts on travelling, working my way to becoming a full-stack developer, picking up new hobbies, and enjoying life.

beautiful_east coast_ocean_scene_taylor_wise.jpg

Hey there. I'm Taylor.

I get Creative so Organizations don't have to.

Over the last few years:

I've worked with Brands and Organizations to help them...

  • develop content
  • build out their websites
  • automate their workflows
  • improve their social media efforts
  • develop their digital marketing strategy
  • and improve their customer/client engagement by providing them with fine art

I've been travelling. A lot.

Recently, I've been focused on travelling more. There's so much this planet has to offer, and I hate thinking that the majority of my time will be spent behind a desk. 

This website was built in an effort to help me achieve the life of a digital nomad. I would love to be able to support myself based entirely off of the earnings from my various side hobbies. 

If you're interested in reading about my adventures, you can read about them (and possibly find some great travelling tips) here.

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