How to find cheap flights using Google Flights | March 2018

Google recently updated it's Google Flights platform to make it way easier to find flights. 

After posting a picture of a Cheap Round Trip flight I found for only $50, I had a lot of people ask how they could find cheap flights too. I noticed that not very many people had heard of Google flights, and so I wanted to make this video to show you how you can find cheap flights too! 

If you got lost during the video, don't worry.

Here's an in-depth description on how to find cheap flights.

  1. Head over to
  2. In your departure box, you can enter however many airports you'd like. Because I live in San Antonio, I've also entered the Austin airport, as well as the Houston airport. 
  3. For the destination box, you have one of three options. You can either:
    a) Leave it blank to find the closest destinations and see the cheapest rates close to you (this is good for spontaneous traveling, or booking a few weeks in advance)
    b) Search for a specific country or continent. You can search for terms like "Europe", "Asia", "Japan" and find the cheapest rates from your departure city.
    c) Search for a specific destination. This is the traditional way to search for flights, and also the most inefficient. 
  4. For the dates, the specific dates that you want to travel are irrelevant when finding the cheapest flights. What you want to make sure you do, is set the length of the trip you'd like to take. For example, my school schedule falls on Tuesday and Thursday, so I've been leaving Thursday night and flying back on Monday morning. This means I would set my dates for a 5 day period.
  5. Then hit "Search"
  6. You should now be in Map view. This view shows you the cheapest flight in the closest proximity. This is handy when picking spontaneous travel destinations. It does not display the most inexpensive dates to fly. 
  7. Click on a destination and click the "View Flights" button. 
  8. From here, you can use the four boxes to find the most optimal time (at the lowest price) to fly to your destination. I mostly focus on the first two squares. 
    a) The first box "Dates" shows you prices if you left on a different day. OR if you changed the length of your flight.
    b) The second box "Price Graph" is the bread and butter. You can use this to find your destinations average flight prices. As well as determine when their off-seasons are (by jumping to different months). You can also see what days are the cheapest compared to the average flight price. 
  9. Now, if you aren't about budget traveling, or if you don't want to fly on a budget airline. In the top right corner, using the "Airline" drop-down tool. You can filter out airlines from you search results. AND you can also specify one airline to fly (for example, if you had a reward card and could only fly on one airline - read more about my reward card traveling experiences here)

That's it! Keep me updated on your travel adventures, and let me know what kind of cheap flights you've find! 

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot over an e-mail or DM me on instagram.

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